Workplace and Community

workplace and community

Workplaces are a made of a myriad of relationships, with multiple personalities, values and backgrounds. While differences in opinions and modes can be constructive, they can also become destructive if they lead to unresolved conflict. Some workplace disputes are just too complex or entrenched and become disruptive to the work culture, wellbeing and ultimately productivity and profit.

An impartial, third party, professional mediator brings to the table their fresh perspective and lack of relationship with any of the disputants or business. The mediator skillset is used to create a fair and constructive discussion in which the parties are empowered to come to their own agreement.

The process is flexible, depending on the dispute and people involved, but a general guideline for how we approach a workplace mediation can be found in our How We Work section. Whether it is online or face to face, with or without lawyers or support people, our mediators can support you and your business to move forward, and achieve the bigger goals.

Community mediation is sought by neighbors, councils, local business or individuals when a dispute cannot be resolved between themselves, but they would like an alternative to a more lengthy and costly court process. The impartiality and fresh perspective of a mediator, together with the mediators’ skills in ascertaining central issues, underlying needs and communication barriers, can greatly assist community conflicts towards resolution.

For information about how workplace and community mediation works please go to the About and How We Work section or speak to one of our mediators.

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