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Welcome to Mediation Moves

At Mediation Moves we care deeply about the wellbeing of individuals and others affected by their conflict. Whether it be in the family, workplace or community, we work with you to shift your conflict so that everyone can move on with their lives. More info…

Disagreements in life can lead to entrenched disputes that damage relationships.

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Mediation Moves - Workplace and community

Workplace and Community

Workplaces and Communities are made of a wide variety of relationships, personalities, values and backgrounds. When the differences lead to unresolved conflicts, an impartial, third party, professional mediator can introduce a fresh perspective to the resolution of disputes.


Families are often the most important relationships in our lives, bringing great joy but also sometimes significant grief. If family relationships become fractured, it can be particularly challenging to find a way to mend. Experienced family mediators bring an impartial, confidential and cost effective support to families wanting to move on from their rifts.

Mediation Moves - family
Mediation Moves - schools and restorative justice

Schools and Restorative Justice

Unresolved conflict in schools or the community can cause long term pain to victims, as well as serious unaddressed problems for offenders. A professional restorative justice facilitator can help all affected to move on positively with their lives. They can help victims and offenders express, acknowledge, and understand harms before finding ways to repair and reduce the likelihood of it reoccurring.

How We Work at Mediation Moves

Mediation is a way to resolve differences with the support of a specialised third person, a mediator.


Mediation Moves

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