Child Inclusive Practise

child Inclusive practise

Child Inclusive Practise (CIP) Our experience, together with reliable research and the legal obligation under The Family Law Act, leads us to primarily focus on any children in a family dispute.

Sometimes it is difficult for parents to know how a child is really coping when the most important people in the child’s world are not getting along and children often find it difficult to verbalise to Mum or Dad how they really are coping. Different children have different experiences and developmental stages of childhood impacts the needs of the kids differently.

Child Inclusive Practise (CIP) can assist greatly with helping the parents to find and hear the voice of their children. CIP also provides the children with support; providing a secure, empathetic environment to explore their experience of their parents’ separation. ‘What is it like to be them in this environment?”

At Mediation Moves we have trained Child Inclusive Practitioners, who caringly work with children to ease their family separation experience. Find out more about children in separation and our Child Inclusive Practice in our Resource section.

If you would like more information please contact us. We understand that family conflict can be traumatic and the way out confusing, and we would be happy to chat with you about your situation.

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